Lisa Stiefvater

We all have different reasons for taking that first step onto a yoga mat. I tiptoed on 16 years ago while looking for ways to alleviate chronic hip pain. I finally had relief after just a few classes and have been pain free ever since. What I didn’t expect was that every time I stepped (practically ran) onto my mat I felt like I had come home.  Home to my body, my spirit, my strength. In 2005 I conquered my fear of "public speaking" and  became a Certified Yoga Instructor. Since then I have been awestruck at how lucky I am  to share the blessings of yoga with so many truly beautiful people.

My classes are taught from the heart. Mine to yours. I teach that way…with deep thoughtful sequencing that secretly makes you work. You can expect to be seen, to be met where you are and encouraged to go further. You’ll be challenged and empowered. You'll quickly begin to see that it is a practice of effort, stillness, humility, intelligence, devotion and above all joy.   


I have studied with master teachers, of all traditions, whose wisdom has guided and inspired me. My true inspiration, however, comes from my students who have proven to me over and over again that we can all unfold our bodies and open our minds in ways we never thought possible. 

To you….I bow.